Christopher Vail – President/General Manager

Christopher Vail – President/General Manager


Phone: 310-884-3402


As a senior in high School I enrolled in a machine shop Course at SCROC where I learned the basic’s about machine shop. After Graduating North High School in 1985 I briefly worked as an apprentice mold maker where I learned how to operate manual mills, lathes and grinders. In 1986 I stumbled upon a machine shop located in Inglewood California called Cardic Machine who had a CNC apprenticeship program available. I started work immediately learning the basics of turning then later progressed to set-up and programming.

In 1993 I moved from our lathe department to our milling department where I stayed for another 7 years. From that point on my hard work and dedication propelled me to Production Manager, A position I held until 2006.

In 2006 I became directly involved with Quoting, Planning and managing our Aerospace customers. In just a few years I was able to triple our annual sales and increased our customer base ten fold.

After 25 years of employment at CMP I was promoted to Director of Sales allowing me to work hand in hand with our Broad Customer base.